Rose Residence

Welcome to our Rose Residence. It would be our pleasure to host you. This 2 bedroom, 1 bath has been completed remodeled with fresh paint, new floors, new light fixtures, brand new modern furnishings and new appliances. It is ready to welcome you for a cozy stay in the heart of Madison, Ohio. Located just 1 mile from Laurentia (one of many beautiful wineries in the region) and just 8 minutes from SPIRE Institute. 

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Since 1993

The who, what, where, when & why of Roses Refinery:

We are dreamers. We figure, what else are we going to do with our time! Our goal is to build something together...maybe a lot of things together. To make memories in the process and to have something great at the conclusion. We are driven and creative and we want to carry that out in many ways to show our families, friends, guests and customers our best face.

We have been working on the Rose Residence for the last year with amazing help from family and friends. From gutting, stripping and painting through the winter months to long hours of finishing touches by family members. Our Rose Residence came together quite literally, out of love. It is ready now but will be improved for years to come.

Rose Residence is our first step towards our concept that is Roses Refinery. We hate to leave you hanging...but stay tuned. The "when and where" WILL follow...and hopefully soon.

Why? Why not.


So for now...

So, as you can see we have a lot in the works but our platform will always remain the same. Providing spaces to spend time with loved ones. We hope you'll find that here and follow along as we go!