Our Approach

We enjoy the simple things in life and spending time with the people we love most. Sometimes that means traveling the world and other times it consists of a snuggle on the couch and a streaming movie on our Samsung television. We hope that we have created a space that allows you to feel simplified and adventured under one roof. That is exactly what this space is for us and it is our true pleasure to WELCOME you!

Our Story

We are a family of 3 with our son turning 2 any dow now and we are a pretty tight pack! Mike grew up in Madison, Ohio but moved to the Virgin Islands almost 20 years ago and fell in love with the sea. Almost 2 years ago we returned to Ohio for the summer, the health care and to have our son stateside. Our timing was impeccable. While we were visiting the most devastating and largest hurricane to ever be recorded in the Atlantic ripped through our home in the Virgin Islands. The foundation of our business was lost and most personal belongings were destroyed. Needless to say our plan to return home right after our son was born was delayed. We were left feeling very lost, displaced and without a “plan b.” We wanted to find new life and develop a safe haven.

Since then we have been trying to rebuild our lives and part of our re-build has been this small home that we hope you will reserve. It has been a light for us to “flip” it into something full of fresh-starts. Follow us HERE to see before, during and after posts.

Our background is hospitality and Tourism but this home is new to us and we hope to make it a comfortable home for you and others coming to visit SPIRE, the wineries, and surrounding attractions. We look forward to your stay and please let us know how we can make you most comfortable in your visit.

Our Family

Our family visionary and RR CEO

Michael Rose

Mike is the youngest of 10 children and has a fun-loving and adventurous soul. As his #1 fan, wife and author of this little bio; Ill go ahead and throw this out there..he is a lot of things and also VERY handsome.

As mentioned, Mike moved to the Virgin Islands almost 20 years ago where he started working as a first mate on a classic sail boat offering snorkeling and lunch tours in the USVI. He was raised in Ohio but grew through his early 20s and on in the islands. The sea called to him and so his career grew; from first mate to “Captain Mike” to co-owner/operator to sole proprietor of Morningstar Charters. Mike has built his business in the islands based on one thing, authenticity. Most people that sail with him feel like they’re sailing with their best friend and thats just a good feeling to have when you’re on vacation. He ended up graduating college (back and forth to the states a few times) with a degree in English from Kent State University. His gift with words is only paralleled with his gift to be hospitable and is always a party.

Bridget Rose

Design Consultant/Wife/Mom/ email answerer/gap filler

My name is Bridget. I dont know what I want to be when I grow up but Im pretty happy with what I am now. I love to travel and learn from the world around us but have never forgotten where Im from. I was raised as a “Navy Brat” although I never lived up to the brat part;) I moved quite a bit from birth until the age 9 when we were finally stationed in our forever home-state of Virginia. I love Virginia for so many reasons (the traffic is not one of them) Ive had the same friends for most of my life (because they are the best and funniest people that Ive ever met. Still.) I still visit the same watering hole when I’m home (hey Vienna Inn!) and will forever treasure the sprawling W&OD bike trail that paints the picture of my childhood. That said, I left 10 years ago for “6 months” and never looked back. A quick move to St. John in the US Virgin Islands changed my life forever- I met a boy…as so many stories go.. and I fell in love with the water, the palm trees, the way of life and the fostering of creativity that Ive found here. St. John is home but the first time I visited my husband’s home town I knew there was something special about it..I mean after all, it created him! We absolutely love Madison for many reasons- family, the fall, the small town pace of things and right up my alley, the wineries. When life gives me an opportunity to create I get all sorts of jazzy. I have spent the last year and change building idea boards and dreams and studying interior design under a blanket until the wee hours until our little Rose Residence was born. It is still a work in progress…like most of us, it probably always will be but I would LOVE to share it with you.

Check us out or come visit!

The Rose Residence is currently listed on Air BnB as well as Home Away. We are so grateful for the influx of reservations that we have already received and would love the opportunity to host you! If you have any questions or an inquiry about a specific date drop us a line here!